The Meaning of Life

    What is the meaning of Life? Why are we here? Believe it or not, Scriptures reveals this mystery to us and it all points to one conclusion. We are here to be TESTED,  and Judgment Day will determine if we passed or if we failed, if we are Saved or doomed, if we will have everlasting Life or everlasting punishment by being separated from God.

  To fully understand this, let us start from the beginning. NOT the beginning of the Earth and human life. But to the beginning why humans would need to be created in the first place.

  Before the Earth was even thought of, or even the ideal of humans. There was Heaven. And in Heaven, there were a multitude of spirit beings, maybe billions upon trillions or a hundred trillion spirit being in Heaven. There was a government in Heaven. The Father was there, the Son was there and the Holy Ghost was there. After that you have Arch Angels, then Cherubim, and yet others, then others. We know not what the rest of the chain of command was in Heaven. Nor is it relevant for us to know such information. In Heaven they had a Temple, We know this because Rev 11:19 says “and the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in His Temple the Ark of His Testament .. .. .. .. .. .

  This is the Same Temple that Moses was instructed to copy for a pattern of the Temple that was built on the Earth (see Heb 8:1-5 )

  So then, Heaven has always had a Temple, and that Temple is built on land with trees that are the Tree of life producing fruits every month, and there is an atmosphere there where the Temple is, with clouds and a sky as well.

  Far too many people have a misconception what Heaven is like, they think a Spiritual realm, a place that everyone are ghosts, not real, not physical. They think of Heaven as a place, not for the physical, but for the spiritual. That Angels are everywhere floating and flying about in the sky. Heaven is not like that at all. It is very much like the Earth, but what is in the Earth is only 1/12th what actually is in Heaven, for example, if there are 1,000 different kinds of roses here on Earth, there are 12,000 different kinds of roses in Heaven. For example our fruit trees only produce one type of fruit, in Heaven the fruit bearing trees produce 12 different fruits on each tree (Rev 22:2), and that every month.

  In Heaven, there are dwelling places for each of the inhabitants, there are lands, and rivers of water, and lakes, they go to where the Temple is to worship and praise God, they eat and drink, and celebrate feast days, whatever the Lord had established for the inhabitants to celebrate, they travel and explore all the universe and give Glory to Jesus for creating it.

  The inhabitants of Heaven are not spirits as we human think spirits to be. The inhabitants of Heaven are physical, living in a physical universe, and praising God in a physical Temple. God sits on a physical Throne, and when they eat, they eat and drink real food even as we do, and drink even as we do. They have Glorified bodies, not bodies made from the Earth like ours is, but physical bodies made from what is in the Universe, in Heaven, and their minds (in the Glorified Body) are not limited, but whatever they can think or imagine – IS.

  When Jesus rose from the dead, His body was not His Earthly body, it was His Glorified body that He has always had, the same that we become if we are chosen to reign with Him, the same as the Angels are.
  • Mar 12:25  For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.
  • Luk_20:36  Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.
  The Lord and two Angels that appeared to Abraham (Gen 18) when they were headed to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, looked like men of flesh. Abraham asked if they would like to sit under the shade of the tree and if they would like something to eat, they accepted and ate food even as we humans do. Jesus also ate with His Disciples in His Heavenly Body after He had risen from the dead. Please read Chapter “Spirit within us” and “Where after Death” for more information on this.

  My point is, Heaven isn’t a spiritual realm, it is a very physical realm, with cities, towns, lands, nations, sky, clouds, animals, plants, trees, mountains, and it includes the entire Universe. Billions of Trillions, of habital planets in the Universe are very physical places, not imaginary places. Everything that is on Earth can be found in Heaven, except sin.

  In Heaven there is NO LAW, despite what the teaching of today says. The Law was made to reveal what sin is to humans. IN Heaven there is no sin, therefore no need of the Law. Everyone automatically loved one another. In Heaven anything you wanted to do, you could do, there was no law forbidding you anything in Heaven, if you can imagine it, you can do it. Why would there be a law “Do not steal” if stealing was never done, nor even thought of. If you wanted something, you just make it for yourself, your in Heaven. There was no Law telling you what you could do, when anything you wanted to do, you could do. And there was no law saying what you couldn’t do it, because in Heaven there are no restrictions. Please remember, there was no sin, none of the inhabitants ever did what we today would call sin, because there was no sin in Heaven. UNTIL sin was born in Lucifer.

  Anything and everything you wanted to do, you could do in Heaven, there was only one thing, one rule (not law mind you) but one thing that you could not do in Heaven, and that was to try to take the Throne of God for yourself. Really it wasn’t even a rule either, it was a given, something that none of the inhabitants even desired to have or even thought to have, UNTIL Lucifer coveted that position, thereby sin was born in him. The very instant Lucifer desired to have what was not his to have, sin was born, Greed, selfishness, and Pride in that instant was born in Lucifer. GREED because he wanted more then he had, SELFISHNESS because he wanted to be worshipped instead of worshipping God, and PRIDE because he actually thought he had the strength and power to make it happen. Lucifer did not want to worship the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) any more. He wanted to be the one that was worshipped instead, he wanted what Jesus had, he wanted all the inhabitants of Heaven to worship and praise him. The one thing that you could not do in Heaven, was try to take the Throne of God.

  We see this also being revealed in the Garden of Eden on Earth. It was Heaven on Earth for Adam and Eve, Paradise. They could do everything they wanted, they only had one rule that they were to keep, not the 10 commandments, not keep the Sabbath, they only had ONE rule “Do not eat of the tree of knowledge”

  Lucifer, the one who caused 1/3 of the angels to be cast out of Heaven also tempted Adam and Eve to break the only rule that they had, so he could get them kicked out of Paradise also.

  Lucifer did exactly this in Heaven also. The only rule in Heaven was, not to try to have the Throne for yourself. Satan wanted it, so he tempted 1/3 of the inhabitants of Heaven to go along with his plan, he may have promised them twice as much land as they currently reigned over, who knows? Lucifer is the Father of lies, he lied to them to get them to fall, to get them to help him and his plan, just as he lied to Adam and Eve to get them to fall as well.

  What? Sin in Heaven? Never, ever before has there been sin in Heaven, it was born, created in Lucifer, He could have anything he wanted, do anything he wanted, and the only thing he couldn’t have, that, is what he desired, sin was born in him. Lucifer created sin. And once it was created in him, he tempted others to sin as well, which never knew what sin was, because Lucifer’s temptations and lies, they also started to desire those things which Lucifer promised them, they agreed to help him take the Throne of God from the Father, to receive the promises that Lucifer was promising them.

  One of two things had to have happened, i know not which, Lucifer after he had convinced 1/3 of the inhabitants of Heaven to follow him tried to take the Throne of God, OR while Lucifer was still recruiting inhabitants of Heaven to join his side, God put a stop to it at that time, and war started.

  Either way there was war in Heaven. Did you hear me? WAR IN HEAVEN!!! In Heaven, where there is Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, Praises and Contentment, and now WAR. In a Billion time a Trillion times a Trillion Earth years, there has never been a war in Heaven, A war! Something that was never suppose to have occurred, and the only reason it happened is because sin was born in one spirit being (which was in his Heavenly flesh body- a physical body) called Lucifer, sin nor war has ever been in Heaven until that point that Lucifer created sin in himself.

  The war, was not like wars that we have on Earth. On Earth you kill someone they are dead and can no longer participate in the war. But in Heaven, the inhabitants are immortal, they cannot die or be killed. The war in Heaven was not a battle with swords, nor was their any killing at all. It was a binding war, or a restraining war. In order to subdue an inhabitant of Heaven you have to bind him, hold him, or restrain him in some manner, so that he could not continue on in the war.

  So then if God has 2/3 of the inhabitants on His side, and Lucifer has only 1/3 of the inhabitants who do you think is going to win a binding war, when there are two to every one that Lucifer had? Of course God won, and Lucifer and his followers (1/3 of the angels in Heaven) were all subdued, held tight, or put in bonds.

  Now this is part of the Chapter that many Christians have a hard time believing, mostly due to the fact that most Christians are still on milk of the word and are not ready to receive meat, and will spit the meat out. But if you will receive it then well. If not, then so be it.

  Anyway, here it is. God has a problem! This should be evident, the mere fact that there was a war in Heaven, and sin in Heaven as well, should reveal that there was a problem in Heaven, in which God the Father was responsible for. i say responsible, not for the sin or the war, but to ensure that sin and war would never happen again in Heaven.

  Believe it or not there are some people who say and teach, that God knew that Lucifer was going to sin, when God created him, that God knew that there would be war in Heaven, and that He knew He was going to kick 1/3 of all the inhabitant out of Heaven,. They do error and do not know the Truth. Read "Does God Know Everything" to see what Scriptures reveal about that topic.

  Lucifer according to:
  • Ezekiel 28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. 15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.
  Was created PERFECT, no defects, perfect just like all of the other perfect inhabitant of Heaven. God did NOT create Lucifer so that one day he would sin and cause a war in Heaven. God created Lucifer PERFECT just like all the others which were created perfect. But Lucifer, on his own, and through his own free will choice, chose to sin against God. Lucifer started sin, he is the Father of it, the creator of it. This was NEVER suppose to have happened. AND GOD DID NOT PLAN FOR THIS TO HAPPEN EITHER. Sin was born, created in, and by, Lucifer, and it caused a war in Heaven. Again, another thing that was NEVER suppose to have happened in Heaven, and again NO God did NOT plan for a war in Heaven, it was NOT the will of God for a war in His Kingdom, a war in Heaven. Sin in Heaven. It was never His plan to create Angels that one day He would have to kick out of Heaven.

  Now because of these things, Sin and War in Heaven, God has a problem. How is He going to make sure that sin or war NEVER, ever happens again in Heaven? This is His dilemma. Everything in Heaven was going great since the creation of the inhabitants of Heaven till sin was created by Lucifer (Billions of Trillions of Earth Years before the Earth was even created). And even though He may kick out Lucifer and all his followers, what is to prevent another in the far distant future to choose to rebel against God and again try to take His Throne? And yet again another war in Heaven?

  Another issue God had to address, is how easily Lucifer convinced 1/3 of the inhabitants of Heaven to follow after Lucifer, how 1/3 of them was willing to worship Lucifer instead of God the Creator. God is not a Tyrant, He is not going to make or force inhabitants of Heaven to worship Him. God desires them to freely love Him, not because they have to, but because they want to. But apparently 1/3 of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Heaven did not want to worship Him, they rebelled against Him. They agreed to overthrow Jesus on the Throne so that Lucifer could sit there in His sted. They agreed to no longer worship and serve the Son of God, Jesus.

  What about the 2/3 of the inhabitants of Heaven that did not rebel against Him? Do they want to worship the Father? Given enough time, could Lucifer had convinced them as well? Will one of these 2/3 in the future desire to take His Throne? Will sin come back in one of these that are left?

  There is only one logical conclusion to answer all these questions and at the same time ensure that Heaven will see no more war. And that is to test every inhabitant of the two thirds that remained, to see where their heart is, whether to please God or to please self.

  Then Father comes up with a brilliant, masterful plan to test those inhabitants. He informs His Son Jesus what to say and do, and Jesus makes a covenant with Lucifer, that is to say, an agreement with Lucifer. What? Anyone who studies Job Chapter one, can see this covenant at work. Lucifer can’t do anything without permission from God according to Job Chapter one, Lucifer is limited to what he can or can’t do, and all according to what God says he can or can’t do, if this isn’t a covenant, i don’t know what is. Lucifer is bound to the covenant that God set up. And like any covenant, both parties abide by that agreement.

  i do not know word for word what the covenant is, but i have a general ideal how the conversation might have taken place.

  The scene: Lucifer and all his followers stand before God to be Judged before the Throne of God. On the Throne of God in the middle of the Throne is the Father, which is not physical but a brilliant light full of Love and Goodness, so bright it is difficult to even look upon it, To the right of this brilliant light, on the Throne sits Jesus Christ, which is physical, and to the left of this brilliant light, on the Throne, sits the Holy Ghost, which is spiritual. Now Lucifer is standing before the Throne of God with the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael standing on each side of a restrained Lucifer.

  God says to Lucifer “You have sinned, and have convinced 1/3 of all of Heaven to rebel against Me, to try to take My Throne. I could cast you and all your followers into the Abyss forever, but instead I am going to create a planet called Earth, and cast you and your followers onto that planet, you will be confined to that planet and its vicinity. I then will create human flesh from that planet, in our image, and put each inhabitant that did not rebel against Me into that flesh to be tested. And they will be tested by you and your followers”

  Lucifer says to God “Why in all of Heaven, would I help you test anyone? I will help you do nothing”

  God replies to Lucifer “Tell Me, why did you lose this war?” Lucifer looks around as if dumbfounded, and astonished to be asked such a question, but answers anyway “Because, as you well know, you had two to every one of my followers, it was two to one, you know this, so why are you asking me this?”

  God calmly asks “So you believe that if you had more followers then I did, you would have won?” Lucifer says “Yes, the only reason you won is because you had more followers, if I would have had the most followers, I would have most certainly have won!”

  God says “ Then you will help Me test each of the two thirds that did not rebel against Me, and each one you get to continue to live in sin, will be yours to keep”

  Lucifer responds “That is interesting indeed, but to what point? Even if I convince every single one of them to follow me, the outcome is still me in the Abyss, and I have helped you. NO! I’m not going to help you test them”

  God responds “I will create the planet Earth, and cast you and your followers to that Earth, I will create human bodies to put each of these inhabitants that did not rebel, into those bodies. You will try to get them to live in sin. For 6 days (6,000 years in Earth time) Those who continue to live in sin, will be yours to keep. At the end of the 6 days you and your followers will be confined in Hades for one day to observe the Sabbath day (1,000 years in Earth time) During that time you are confined, the firstfruits of Jesus will repopulate the Earth, and the New City Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven for the Saints to inhabit it. At the end of the Sabbath Day (1,000 year Millennium) you and all your followers will be released, even all the dead will rise with you. There will be one last war. A war of wars”

  Lucifer asks “A war for what though, your Throne?” God responds “The war will be for the New City Jerusalem. Where my Throne will be (Rev 22:3 ) you think if you had the numbers that you would have won this war. At the end of the week, you will have the Many while I’ll have the few, the war will be for the New City Jerusalem. If you take the City you will not be cast into the Abyss, but with the City you will have access to the Universe and all of Heaven. To do and go wheresoever though desirest.”

  Now this Lucifer agrees to, and there is a covenant between God and him, and many stipulations that are set forth which i will not discuss in this Chapter.

  So then God creates the Earth, then He casts Lucifer to the Earth calling his name satan and devil. And casts satan’s followers to the Earth as well calling them devils and demons. Then God creates the human flesh from the Earth and He converts the first inhabitant of Heaven into a spirit (Heb 1:7), and confines it to the body that He just created from the Earth by breathing into it the breath of life (Gen 2:7), which is the spirit of the one who was put into the body, for without that spirit, the body would not live.

  Then God created the woman, not from the Earth, but God created the woman from the man, but that flesh could not live without a spirit in it either, so the next inhabitant of Heaven turns into spirit and enters the woman (Breath of life), and then the flesh lives (flesh + spirit = Living Soul)

  Then God allows satan into the Garden. Yes you heard correctly. God allowed satan to be in the Garden of Eden to do what satan does. What then? God didn’t know satan was there? What? Did satan sneak into the Garden without God knowing it? God forbid, He knew.

  Remember, God and satan have a covenant. It was NEVER Gods intention for Adam and Eve to live in the Garden forever. God knew before He even created the Earth, that He was going to send His Son Jesus to the Earth. He knew this before Adam was ever created. Knowing that He was going to send His Son for our sins, He knew full well that Adam and Eve would sin as well. For all have sinned. God knew full well Adam and Eve while in Earthly flesh, AND with satan tempting them to commit sin, that eventually (being of the Earth and flesh) they would sin.

  Think about it, if God wanted them to live forever in the Garden of Eden, then they would have, if that is what God wanted. If God wanted them to live forever in the Garden. God would never have put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden to begin with, but He did. He would never have allowed satan to enter into the Garden either, but He did allow him to. Adam and Eve had to sin, so God’s plan of Salvation can come about, not that God wanted them to sin, He did not! But He knew they would sin. Even as we look at a newborn baby and know that eventually one day that baby will sin too.

  God knew that there was going to be a Judgment Day, before He ever created the Earth. Know you not that ALL of God’s plans come to pass? God has never made a plan that did not happen. If God planned for Adam and Eve to live in the Garden of Eden forever, i assure you Adam and Eve would still be there to this day. God’s plans do not fail. It was never His plan that Adam and Eve remain in the Garden forever.

  Anyway back to the topic, we are all here to be tested, and we see examples of this throughout all of the Scriptures. A perfect example is in Genesis 22:1-12 where God tests Abraham, by asking him to sacrifice his only son, pay attention why God tested him in this verse:
  • Genesis 22:12 And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: FOR NOW I KNOW that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.
  This is why we are tested, so God will know what is in our hearts, even Jesus said our actions (our fruits) shows what is in our hearts. So God will test us to see what is in our hearts.

  You are alive right now, because the Spirit inside of you, is being tested. And Judgment Day is when you will be graded. You will either be obedient and PASS or living in sin and FAIL. Your either one or the other.

  At the end of God’s week (7,000 Earth years), after the Great White Throne Judgment. Those who are True Christians will reign with Christ on Earth and in Heaven, those are they who were not selfish, and loved God more than they loved sin, these are they who denied their selfish desires to please God.

  In the end. Only those who Truly love God will be in Heaven, they did not love self more than God, there will never be another war in Heaven, and the few that make it, will never dream of sinning against God, they love Him to much to do that. If a person on Earth can forsake their sins for God while on the Earth where it is extremely difficult to do so and narrow is that path, then these will never sin or rebel against God while in Heaven.

  God is testing the two thirds of the inhabitants of Heaven which did not rebel, so He will only have those who WANT to serve and worship Him, who were willing to deny self to serve God. These are they who God desires to be with Him, and He will give them the Universe and all of Heaven.

  But those who continue to live in sin will not belong to God in the end. Your Master is to whom you obey, who you obey is your Master. Woe to this generation, which says with their mouth, that their Master is Jesus Christ, yet they knowingly and willingly obey satan and commit sins, and do not ever cease from them. Nicolaitans they are, goat Christians. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth, by those who claim to be Christians and are not.

  i pray to God that the Holy Ghost will open your eyes to the Truth that we are all being TESTED, Do what the Bible says and teaches, so that you may PASS the test. Namely LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Lucifer FAILED to love Jesus Christ, but desired to dethrone Him. Are you Loveing One Another, or do you also FAIL to love others?

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ