Does God Know Everything

  Lets assume for a minute, that God does know everything. This raises a question. Like in the beginning when God was walking in the Garden of Eden, just after Adam and Eve ate the apple and hid themselves, Why did god ask "Where art Thou? " and " What hast thou done? " This is strange, for if a God knows all, what would be the purpose of asking a question at all, if He in fact knew it already. Why did God ask where art thou, if He knew where they were? some say to see if they would admit to it, and/or come out of hiding, Well even this God would have known if He knows everything. He would have known that when He asked "Where art Thou? " That they would come out, and He would also know exactly what each would say to Him in response.

  Lets assume for a minute, that God does know everything. This raises another question. Why would God who knows everything ever be displeased or pleased. An example is this, If you knew everything ( speculating ) and you were a owner of a store, and you had forknowledge that Jill was not going to show up on Thursday to work. would you be displeased when Thursday arrived and Jill was not at work? i would think if you knew she was not going to be there, it would not displease you when she didn't. Now if you don't know everything and you were counting on Jill to work Thursday and she didn't show up, then i can understand why you would be displeased.

  Throughout the entire bible, God is displeased, angered, dismayed, upset, and pleased. consider these verses:

  • Num:11:1: And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD: and the LORD heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp.
  • Num:11:10: Then Moses heard the people weep throughout their families, every man in the door of his tent: and the anger of the LORD was kindled greatly; Moses also was displeased.
  • Zech:1:2: The LORD hath been sore displeased with your fathers. ( Because He was hoping better things from them and not what they chose )

This is how i see it, If i knew everything that was going to happen, i would not be displeased when it happens, if i knew everything that was going to happen, i would not be pleased when it happens, For i would have known it was going to happen. If i know i was going to have a wreck in the car on Friday, how can i be displeased if on Friday i have a wreck in the car, when i knew it was going to happen.

  • 1Kgs:3:10: And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. ( If God knew Solomon was going to ask this thing before he asked it, then how can he be pleased when he asked it? God was pleased when he asked this thing because God didn't know for sure if he was going to ask for it.)

  Please don't get me wrong, i believe God has the ability to know everything, but i also believe that God Himself made it possible that even He Himself will not know the choices we make. God did this thing and it is good in His sight. He gave us free will to choose right from wrong, to do good or to do evil. For example if you are going down a road and come to a "Y" in the road, you are faced with a decision to make, so you look to the right and you see far down the road lots of pretty lights and half dressed people in the streets, and you look left and you see far down the road a small restraunt. Now satan is tempting you to choose right and God is wanting you to choose Him and go left away from the temptations. At this very moment, God does not know what choice you will make, Satan does not know what choice you will make, only you make that choice ( which God has allowed) Don't get me wrong, God knows what will happen if you choose left and He knows what will happen if you choose right, but as for the actual choice that is made He does not know. Now if you choose left, God will be pleased with you, and smile down upon you. If you choose right, God will be displeased, and will continue to hope that you will go His ways and not satans. This makes me a better person, For i want to please my God as much as possible, and i do not wish to displease the one i worship, this causes me to make better choices knowing that God does not know what i am going to do, thus very pleased when i do those things which are toward Him. ( Please note, people who are predestined are just that, they have no choice, they are predestinated whether to do good{those who are called} or to do evil {the anti-christ and his followers }  But their choices that they make are the same, He doesn't know, however those who are predestined doesn't matter what choice they make, because they are limited and can't escape their calling [ for example if every road led to Texas, no matter what choices the person makes that person will end up in Texas. Most people have roads that lead to every state , but those who are predestined will end up where God wants them ])

  If God knows everything, then He would have known the Angel Lucifer would betray Him from the beginning and would not have allowed him to have the position that he did. If God knows everything, why did he test His people to see the outcome of it. For example when He told abraham to sacrifice his only son, even after being promised that son, He went on a three day journey to sacrifice his son, and had fire in hand before God stopped him from killing his son. If God knows everything, why did He test Abraham to see if he would actually do it, or turn away from God, Point is He didn't know, so He tested Abraham with something he loved the most, to see if Abraham would choose God or the love of his son, when God saw that he chose God, he stopped him and was very pleased with Abraham.

  There are many examples in the Bible which would lead a person to believe that although God is all knowing, He has chose to omit some knowledge from Himself, to not know. If it were possible i would hate knowing everything, and if i did know everything, i would make it to where i didn't know certain things. such as a surprise birthday party, or an unexpected visitor that i haven't seen for years, or the gifts people give me. and i wouldn't want to know all those things which would please me, i want to be pleased when someone does or says something unexpected and/or unknowingly.

  Does God have HOPE? If you think God knows everything, then there would be no need for God to have HOPE. What would He possibly hope for? He already knows what He is going to get and not get, He already knows everything, He would hope for nothing. Now if God doesn't know what choices we will make, then there is reason for God to have HOPE, the Hope for us to accept Him and the Hope for His children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

  God has HOPE for us.

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ