To Tithe or Not?

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  First off, why did God set up a Tithe to begin with? The Twelve Tribes of Israel were all given inheritance of the land that God promised that they would have. However the Tribe of Levi did not get any land inheritance. They were specifically chosen to work in, and take care of all Temple related matters. Since they did not have any land to farm, or making a living with. The other Eleven Tribes of Israel were told to give a Tenth of their produce, livestock, etc and give it to the Levites so they may be able to survive and be concerned with only the things of the Temple. (Num 18:21-24, Neh 10:38)

  The Levites were commanded to give a Tenth of what they recieved from the Eleven Tribes as well. (Num 18:26-28) Those who refused to Tithe suffered a curse from God. Those who did Tithe recieved a Blessing from God (Mal 3:8-10)

  So the 10% Tithe was established by God for the Tribe of Levi, for the sole purpose of Temple work and upkeep.

  So as a Christian under a New Covenant with Jesus Christ, are we still to continue to give 10% for the sole purpose of Church Work and upkeep?

  So does Jesus instruct us Christians to give 10% to the Church? Lets look into the Word and see. NOPE, Jesus never told us to give 10% to the Church. OH, surely one of the Disciples instructed us to give 10% to the Church. Lets look into the Word and see. NOPE! Not one Disciple ever instructed any Christian to give 10% to the Church.

   Nowhere in all of Scriptures does Jesus or any Disciple teach us Christians to give a Tithe of 10%. What does the Scriptures teach us Christians to give?

  • 2 Cor 9:7  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

  If we are suppose to give 10%, then the Apostle Paul, who is inspired by the Holy Ghost to write what he wrote, FORGOT to mention that, but plainly told us to give what is in our hearts to give. Not only did the Apostle Paul FORGET to tell us that, ALL of the Apostles failed to mention that, and Jesus Christ Himself NEVER told us to continue to give 10% Tithe. They all must have FORGOTTEN to inform us Christians to do that. OR is the TRUTH of the matter, is that we no longer have to give 10% but give whatsoever we purposeth in our hearts to give, and NONE of them FORGOT anything at all?

  Therefore those who go about teaching that you MUST give 10% are in error, and teach from the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which is a false doctrine, that Jesus nor any Disciple ever taught us to do. If you ask me, i believe we should give 20%. Is that not what we give waitresses as a tip? What then? give God 10% but a waitress 20%? But if a person feels in their heart to give NOTHING, then so be it. If a person feels they want to give 10% then so be it. If a person wants to give 20% then so be it. If a person wants to give 50% then so be it. If a person wants to give 100% then so be it. But woe to those who teach a person MUST GIVE 10% tithe.

  Is it wrong or evil to give 10% tithe? God forbid NO. The only thing i am saying is that anyone who teaches you MUST give 10% or you should give 10% or you HAVE to give 10% are all in error and are not teaching that which is TRUE. It is a false doctrine to teach that Christians MUST, SHOULD, or HAVE TO give 10% tithe. Something that Jesus nor any Apostle ever instructed us to continue to do under the New Covenant with Jesus Christ.

  Know you not, that Tithing was set up for the Levites ONLY? They were not given any land to own or have, but ONLY the Temple and its upkeep and it's services. That is why all the other 11 tribes gave a 10% tithe to the Tribe of Levi, so that they could live and do all things Temple related. Common sense teaches you that if there is no Temple, there is no Tithe. But leave it to the false prophets behind the pulpit to continue to teach the sheep of Jesus Christ that they MUST give 10% Tithe. Not because that is what any Christian was instructed to do, but because that is what those false servants of God wanted for themselves and the Church they are in charge of. They shall not escape His wrath when the hour of temptation comes upon the whole world.

  Here is the Truth and is what Scriptures plainly teaches what we Christians should give:.
  • 2 Cor 9:7  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

   He did NOT instruct us to continue to give 10% now did he? Woe to those who teach things contrary to Scriptures, Nicolaitans they are, teaching things contrary to Scriptures, which thing God hates. Scriptures teach give whatever you purposeth in your heart. Nicolaitans teachs you must give 10% tithe.

  Now if you attend a Church, Yes you should give to your church, but if one week you don't have anything to give, don't feel guilty about it, no matter how much the Leader of that Church says you MUST give 10%. 

  Please don't get me wrong, i don't think the pastors or preachers behind the pulpit are evil wicked people, they genuinely probably believe or think you should give 10%, besides they are doing the Lord's work right, they need the money to pay the Bills of the Church, to help make the Church grow and such like things. i am not against giving tithe money to help the church you attend, What i am against is the teaching that you MUST give 10% or SHOULD give 10%.  The Truth is You give whatever you can afford.

  My own Mother faithfully gives 10% to the Church, because she is being told that is what she has to do, then turns around and borrows money from me to buy food with. Simply Pathetic that a Church is teaching people you MUST give 10% tithe or your robbing God they say. These will NOT escape the Wrath of God when it comes upon the Earth, because Jesus nor any Disciple ever taught us Christians to give 10%. Isn't the Churches of God suppose to help the sheep and not cause them harm? Do sheppards allow the sheep to fend for themselves to find food and shelter? If my Mom can't afford to give 10% this week, then she should not feel like she HAS to give it. Woe to the Preachers behind the pulpits who are causing more harm then help, even though they have lots of money to improve the Church, the sheep are suffering for it.

  If your not in a Church and you profess to be a Christian, you should be giving to charities, giving money to help the homeless, maybe buy a Nursing Home New Games, Just DO something, instead of NOTHING at all. Remember These verses:

  • Mat 25:45-46  Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. 

  So FAILING to help others, you are indeed FAILING to Help Jesus Christ Himself as the above verse plainly teaches. So give money to the Bum on the Street, pay for the meal of the car behind you in the drive through. Start giving money away, give to a charity. Whatsoever you give to others, you are giving to Jesus Christ. The question is then, just how much are giving to Jesus Christ? If you have NOTHING then i can understand giving NOTHING, but if the Lord has Blessed you and your Family, How have you Blessed Jesus Christ, What have you done for Him? You ask, How can I do something for Jesus, By Giving to others. Woe to those who God Blesses and they give NOTHING to anyone at all, but their own self and their own family. Devil Worshipers give to their own families. What more do you then they?

  One Day i would like to have to work no more and produce these podcasts, youtube videos, and website full time. If you would like to give to my cause to help me further promote those things that God has revealed to me, then you can alway donate to through But seriously you don't have to, i would rather you help someone who is Homeless or starving, or someone who is in way worse a situation than i am in. i will continue to produce until i am dead, or it becomes against the law.

  But what i am saying you SHOULD DO, is Give to someone or to something, instead of to only you and yours. 

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ