Go and Sin No More

Would Jesus ask you to do something that is not possible to do? The answer is NO. Jesus would not ask you to do something that you could not possibly do.

  Jesus told a man and a woman to “Go, and sin no more” He would not have told them to do this, if it was not possible to do.

  People today, in this last day generation try to convince themselves that it is not possible, therefore they do not have to do it. They hearken unto teachings that is pleasant to the ears, such as the teaching “Once Saved Always Saved” lie that comes from the pits of Hell itself, and can’t be found in any Scriptures whatsoever, but is what man teaches. (for more information on this topic read Chapter on Once Saved Always Saved?)

  Jesus just told a man to go and sin no more. So it must be possible to do.

  Jesus just told a woman to go and sin no more. So it must be possible to do.

  I am not teaching anything new, for all of Scriptures teach against sin. Those who are chosen by God, will listen and hearken to what is being taught in this book, but many will reject the teaching in this book because they are unwilling to give up sinning for Jesus Christ.

  I tell you the Truth, many profess to be Christian but are not Christians according to Scriptures, as it is written:

  This book is not to convince you to stop sinning, but it is my hope that it will get you into the Word of God, to study it, to search out the Truth. Where you are going to spend eternity should be the most important thing on you mind, making absolutely sure that you know the Truth to get there, should be a priority also. Are you going to put your trust in what man tells you? Are you going to put your trust on what you have been taught all your life by men? Are you not an adult now? Should you not look for yourself what the Word of God says and teaches, instead of relying on what people have taught you.

  People error, people can be persuaded by satan, people can teach false things. So then why would you trust people and what they teach? Go to the Word yourself and learn for yourself the Truth of God. Don’t put your full trust in what men teach. This generation is liken unto a man traveling from New York to a certain place in southern California and even though this man has a US Atlas with him, chooses to believe the person who told him how to get there. This man shall surely get lost. It will not be until he looks at the Atlas that he will find his way again.

  The Word of God is our Atlas, it is directions to get to Heaven. Why on Earth would you trust a man to tell you how to get there? Go to the Word yourself and learn the way. Those who do not believe the Bible, for whatever reason, are lost already and they will remain lost until they believe the Word of God for what it is, and that is, the words of God Himself.

  This book will quote many Scriptures, all of which disprove the current thinking of today. Examine these Scriptures for yourself and you will see how Christians today believe a false teaching.

  Also note what this book teaches IS NOT MY OPINION but is what the Words of God teach. To argue with what this book teaches is to argue with God Himself. Woe unto all who do not hearken to the Words of God, nor believe what they teach.

  Here is the false teaching that is being taught today: That you can still be a Christian yet knowingly and willingly obey satan and commit sins against God. NO Scripture teaches this, men teach this. The Word of God does not teach this. Scriptures teach you can’t be a follower of Jesus AND continue to obey satan too.  This book will give many Scriptures that PROVE that. Howbeit many will not even complete this book, many reject the Truth and are not willing to hear it, these would rather believe the lie instead of the Truth. It is easy to be a Christian according to todays false teaching. They teach – All you have to do is believe in Jesus, confess your sins, and repent, that’s it, that’s all you have to do and your Saved. Scriptures, however teach much more than just that, and what it teaches is not easy.

  So narrow and difficult is the way, it’s NOT easy. Easy Christianity is the broad and wide gate that many will go in by. But the narrow and difficult path is what this book teaches, and many will not hear it, nor hearken unto it, because if they did hearken to it, that would mean they have to give up sinning. It is far easier to believe you are on that narrow path and still live in sin, than to believe you have to cease from sin, in order to be on that narrow and difficult path.

  Scriptures point blank clearly tells us who will receive eternal Salvation.

  Who? Who has Eternal Salvation based on what Scriptures say? Those who obey Him have Eternal Salvation, not those who disobey Him, but those who obey Him.

  People these are not the only verses that teach that. ALL of Scriptures teach that, and people of this last day generation ignore this teaching or shun it off, or excuse it away somehow. But Scriptures over and over again teach this. Eternal Salvation is to them who obey Him. It seems to me, if a person truly desired to go to Heaven and to be a True Christian, that they would pay attention to that statement, and not ignore it. Do you claim to have Eternal Salvation? Do you obey Him? According to Hebrews 5:9 you do have Eternal Salvation if you obey Him. But woe to them who believe they have Eternal Salvation and do not obey Him, but instead they sometimes obey satan, Jesus’s enemy, and somehow still believe they have Eternal Salvation. This is a false teaching that is being taught today.

  According to Scriptures who gets the Holy Ghost?

  What’s this verse saying but those who continue to do only good seek for Eternal Life. This makes complete since, because those who seek Eternal life and Truly desire Heaven will obey Jesus Christ.

  We know if you obey Jesus you have Eternal Salvation. Tell me if a person knowingly and willingly obeys satan and commits sin, who did they yield to obey? The above verse is clear who you obey is your Master. If then you obey only Jesus, then He is your Master. But if you obey satan, he is your master. Know you not that when satan is tempting you to commit sin that the Holy Ghost is telling  you not to do it. Who you obey is your master.

  How is a person free from sin? When they obey the Scriptures. Makes since, a person is only free from smoking cigarettes when they no longer smoke cigarettes. You are free from drugs when you no longer do drugs. So then you are indeed free from sin when you no longer knowingly and willingly commit sin, you obey from the heart the Scriptures which was given to you THEN you are free from sin?

  Are you a servant of sin or a servant of righteousness? Who are those who are a servant to sin?

  Are your fruits unto holiness? Or do you sometimes obey satan?

  Are you hearing this? Jesus Christ shall be revealed from Heaven with His Angels in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that do not obey Him. People I do not say this, the Word of God says this over and over again.

  This is not something that you are asked to do, it is commanded to do. Is your conversation Holy? Or do you claim to be Holy, Righteous, Saved, and yet your conversation is wickedness, conversation that you would not repeat in the Lord’s presence? Know you not that if He is in you (i.e. you’re a Christian) you subject Him to every word you say? You do error if you think He will stay in a house that is filthy to Him.

  The face of the Lord Jesus Christ is against them that do evil. This generation are those who claim to have Jesus, even though they knowingly and willingly do evil. Tell me, how can Jesus be for you, and against you at the same time??? He is for you because your Saved, yet against you because you do evil. How is this possible? It’s not, and Jesus reveals this in:

  Previously we showed Scriptures that said who you obey is your master. This generation is lukewarm, they claim to be followers of Jesus, yet they knowingly and willingly obey satan and commit sins that they know full well are against Jesus Christ and commit them anyway. Your master is to whom you obey. If you obey only Jesus, He is your Master, but if you obey satan in anything at all, he becomes your master because you obeyed him instead of Jesus.

  Do you obey the Gospel of God? If you do not know, I would most assuredly get into the Word of God to find out that question of “What shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God?”

  So we see time after time Scriptures teaching us to obey Scriptures, you cannot deny the clear teachings of Scriptures that teach what Hebrews 5:9 says … Eternal Salvation is to them that obey Him. Would it not behoove you to obey Him and His Word in order to have Eternal Salvation? Or you can believe as you always have, as you were taught all your life and find out in the end it has all been a lie. Search the Scriptures for the Truth, before it is too late for you.

  It is a common teaching in these last days that all you have to do is believe Jesus is the Son of God and your Saved. That is True, but that is only PART of it. But believing by itself is not enough according to Scriptures. The demons believe in Jesus Christ, they know He is the Son of God also, yet they are not Saved, even though they know Jesus is the Son of god. So then there is a lot more to Salvation than to merely believing He is the Son of God. Of course the first step to Salvation is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but it is not the only step.

  Should you love Him? The demons believe He is the Son of God, but they do not love Him. Who are those that love Him?

  Jesus said this, if you love Him, you will do what He says.

  Do you claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus? Do you claim to love Him? Yet you knowingly and willingly obey satan and commit sins?

  How is it you see so many people who claim to love Jesus, who claim to be Christians, but their deeds are evil, they do not obey Him, they do not keep His Words, they do not do what He says?

  Do you say you know Him? Do you claim to be a Christian? Yet you knowingly and willingly obey satan when you choose to sin against Christ? What? Know you not that when you choose to do something that you know is sinful, that you sin against Christ?

  The false teaching of this last days generation teaches that the blood of Jesus cleanseth us from all sin no matter what, no matter what sins you still commit, no matter if you are still within your sins and have not ceased from them. But that is NOT what Scriptures teach.

  Scriptures are clear on this matter, to have the blood of Jesus cleanse us from sin we walk in the light as Christ did. That we do not walk in darkness, that we do what He says, that we keep His commandments. Those who do not do what He says, do not love Him (John 14:24) or are like them who build their house on sand:

  Notice the end of them, who do not do what He says, is destruction.

  Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ? Then you are born of God according to Scriptures. If you believe Jesus is the Christ, you are Born of God.

  Does the wicked one touch you? If you believe Jesus is the Christ, your Born of God, if you are Born of God you do not knowingly and willingly commit sin.

  This very next verse clearly shows who is and who is not Christian.

  Anyone who knowingly and willingly does something they know is sinful and against God, does not do righteousness. They are not children of God according to this verse. Children of God do righteousness, children of the devil do unrighteousness, which any sin that is knowingly and willingly committed is indeed an unrighteous act.

  I don’t say this, Scriptures teach this. If you want to be taken up in the Rapture when Jesus comes back for us, I would make certain you are on that narrow and difficult path. I would search the Scriptures over and over again and make sure I know what they are saying. Don’t believe me, for ALL of Scriptures teach us not to knowingly and willingly sin any more.

  Notice what the inspired Word of God just told us, it plainly tells us to STOP sinning.

  Yet another verse that clearly instructs us Christians to not sin.

II Peter 2:14 Having eyes full of adultery (lusting after those who are not your spouse), and that CANNOT CEASE FROM SIN; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous (Greedy) practices; cursed children:

  Are you one of those who say “No one can cease from sin?” or worse yet, one of those who teach others that nobody can cease from sinning, they will receive the greater damnation, teaching things contrary to sound doctrine, which plainly teaches us that all things are possible to them that believe, that Jesus can lead us not into temptation, and according to Jude 24 He can keep us from falling.

  Do you love to sin? I will tell you the Truth, anyone who knowingly and willingly obeys satan and commits sin, love to commit that sin. No person knowingly and willingly commits a sin they hate to do. They love to do it, hence the reason they willingly do it. It is only after they do it, that they may hate it, but the Truth is, they love to do it, else they would cease from doing it. The Lord told me many years ago, there is no sin that a person does, that they can’t cease from.

  The sin that you knowingly and willingly commit, you CAN cease from it. Why you do not cease from it, is what you will answer to God for on Judgment Day, and He shall judge if you shall enter Heaven.

  No matter how hard satan tempts you to commit sin, it is not so powerful that you can’t cease from it. Also every single time you are tempted to commit a sin, God allows a path out of it, a way to escape that temptation. So every sin you commit against God you will have to explain to the Lord why you did not choose the path that He gave you, but instead chose the path of evil by obeying satan and doing what he suggests. When you sin, where is your love for Christ? If you love Him, you please Him, not His enemy the devil.

  Tell me, when you are about to commit a sin that you know is evil and wrong and against Jesus Christ, do you look for that path out? Do you look to Jesus Christ? Do you call out to Him to be your strength? Do you quickly go read the Bible? Do you say to satan “Get away from me”, Do you immediately go into prayer?

  Or do you go ahead and commit the sin and still think you are Righteous, Holy, Pure, Godly, walking the walk, In the light, Saved? Those who are Saved and have Eternal Salvation are those who OBEY Him, not those who obey satan, not those who do not look for the path out of temptations. Every single time you commit sin, God had a path that He wanted you to take, but you choose not to take that path (narrow and difficult path) but chose to commit sin, to obey the enemy of Jesus Christ, you chose the easy path, which is to go ahead and commit the sin and ask for forgiveness later.

  Know you not to receive forgiveness you have to have a True repentant heart? If you continue to do the very thing you repent of, how sorry are you? When you repent to God from a particular sin, you are only forgiven for it, when you cease to do it again.

  Does not this generation do this? Do they not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and have all their sins forgiven them, yet they continue to commit the same sins as they did before they accepted Christ. Have they not returned to their own vomit?

  Have you put off the old man with his deeds? Or do you claim to be a new man yet your deeds are still wicked? How then are you a new man if you are still doing the same wicked deeds that you did before you received Christ?

  Are you a good tree or a corrupt tree?

  So then if someone is lying which tree are they? If someone looks at porn continually which tree are they according to Scriptures, good or bad? If you see someone putting someone down, or bad mouthing someone, or hating on someone, which tree are they? You will know who is Christian and who is not by their deeds according to Scriptures. If they do that which is evil they are a corrupt tree.

  Neither give place to the devil. Tell me, when a a person knowingly and willingly obeys satan and commits sin, did they not give place to the devil?

  So we see that Scriptures teach that we are to be, and act differently once we know Christ, once we accept Him, we are to put off the deeds of the old man and become a new man. We are to be a good tree that only produces good fruits, we are not to return back to our vomit, back to sinning again after Jesus has forgiven us.

  Funny how this generation falsely teaches that Jesus forgives sins that are past, present, and future. Yet Scriptures teach if a person knowingly and willingly commits sin against Jesus AFTER they have accepted Him, then there is no more sacrifice for sins.

  Men teach that all you sins past, present, and future are forgiven. However there is not one verse that teaches that. This teaching comes from men.

  This generation views this verse to mean “For all WILL sin, and fall short of the glory of God” However that is not the Truth, but is a false teaching. Absolutely nowhere in Scriptures does it say we will continue to sin. This is a belief of those who do not want to cease from their sins and will cling on to that belief so they will not have to cease from their wicked deeds.

  Many who will refuse to believe this book and the countless Scriptures that prove it, will do so because they have sin in their life, that they are not willing to cease from.

  Know you not that when you accept Christ as your Savior and Lord, that He was crucified for you, suffered with stripes and shame and mocked to pay for your sins? Know you not that EVERY TIME you repent after you are Saved, you put Him back on the cross? How many times must Jesus die on the cross so that you are forgiven?

  When you ask for forgiveness something must be sacrificed in order for that to happen. When a person accepts Christ as their Savior and Lord, Jesus forgives them (the free gift to all who will accept it) All their PAST sins (Rom 3:25) are forgiven them. When you choose to accept Him and He forgives All of your sins, YOU ARE NOT TO GO AND COMMIT MORE SINS. You are to “Go, and sin no more” (John 5:14, John 8:11), Awake to righteousness and sin not (I Cor 15:34) to put off the deeds of the old man (Col 3:9) to mortify (put to death) the deeds of your flesh (Rom 8:13, Col 3:5) to walk as Christ walked (I John 2:6) to be Holy as God is Holy (I Peter 1:15) to be perfect ( Matt 5:48, 19:21, Luke 6:40, John 17:23, II Cor 13:11, Col 1:28, 4:12, II Tim 3:17, Heb 12:23, 13:21, James 3:2, and Rev 3:2)

  You are to no longer obey satan, after Christ just crucified Himself for you. He gave His life for you, you should be willing to give up sinning for Him.

  It is a lie to believe it is not possible, because with Christ it is very possible, but it is not possible without Christ’s help. You can’t do it without Him.

  This last day generation are unwilling to give up their wicked sins, let alone their life for Christ. Those who do give up sin for Christ, do indeed lose their life. But their reward, because they obeyed their Master Jesus, will gain Eternal Life for ever and ever, reigning as Kings and Queens with Him. But if you can’t give up a particular sin for Him, How can you give Him your life?

  Do you call Him Lord? You say Yes, yet you disobey Him when you obey sinful desires and commit sins against Him. So why do you call Him Lord and NOT do the things which He says, which is namely LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

  Seems again and again Scriptures is telling us to repent, and cease from doing evil things. All sin is darkness. Jesus is the light.

  Jesus is the light, satan is darkness. You can’t claim to be in the light if you are walking in darkness (living in sin)

  WHEN does this happen? When we walk in the light, when we walk in Jesus Christ and we do not walk in darkness, THEN His blood cleanseth us from our sins.

  The next verse is a verse that sinners use to try to excuse their sinning.

  This generation likes to use this verse as an excuse to keep on sinning, they say “Everyone will always sin till the day you die” So if someone says “I do not knowingly and willingly commit sin” they immediately bring up this verse. Which in no way whatsoever states that it is not possible.

   For example, I do not knowingly and willingly commit any sin against my Lord and Savior. This is not saying that I have never sinned. I am not saying I have no sin, for I have plenty of sins, more than you probably. This has nothing to do with how I am living now. And because I have plenty of sins, does not mean I will continue to sin.

  I have heard many times, after I say I do not knowingly and willingly commit sin, they will bring up this verse saying that the Truth is not in me. Because I say I do not knowingly and willingly commit sin. This is not saying I have no sin, nor do I think I am sinless. I do have sin, I have sinned plenty, I am not saying I have no sin. I am saying that I no longer knowingly and willingly obey satan and commit sin. There is a big difference from a person who thinks they have never sinned (which is who this verse is to) from someone who lives by what Scriptures teach.

  After Jesus told the woman to “Go, and sin no more” Let assume a month later she says “I do not knowingly and willingly commit any sins against Jesus my Master” Well this generation would say to her “Oh, you don’t know the Truth, because I John 1:8 says if you say you don’t sin, you don’t know the Truth” What this generation refuses to see is the Truth, the verse does not say as they think it does, the woman did not say she has no sin, she knows very well she has plenty of sins, that is not what she said. Woe to this generation.

  Anyways, light and darkness don’t mix, and I John is clear if we say we have fellowship with Jesus, but walk in darkness we lie and do not have fellowship with Him, because of the darkness.

  Everyone that knowingly and willingly does that which is sinful, according to Scriptures hateth the light (Jesus) This makes since though, since Scriptures over and over again state if you love Jesus, you will do what He says, you will keep His commandments, you will obey Him, well if you loved Him, you would. When you knowingly and willingly commit a sin, which you know full well is against Jesus Christ, yet you do it anyways, Where is your love for Jesus Christ, who is pleading with you not to do that sin? Where is Jesus when you choose to commit sin against Him? Where is your love for Him?

  If Scriptures aren’t clear enough, let us reveal Scriptures that clearly say who will NOT enter into Heaven.

  None of these shall go to Heaven if they are still doing these things at the end of their life or when Christ returns. If I were you I would do a study of each of these things to make sure you are not any of these things which will not allow you to go to Heaven.

  It doesn’t say except if your Saved, or under Grace then you are excluded. Anyone who does these things and do not cease from them will NOT go to Heaven, no matter how much or how loud they yell “I’m Saved” or “I’m a Christian” or “I’m under Grace” or “I’m no longer under the law” or whatever else this generation uses to excuse their sinning and not have to cease from them.

  All liars shall burn in the lake of fire and brimstone. This is clear, very clear. If you are a liar you will not go to Heaven.

  When Christ come back, no liar will be taken with Him. So it don’t matter what you say with your mouth “I’m Saved”, “I’m a Christian”, or “I’m under Grace” Scriptures do not lie If you are a liar (one who continues to lie and does not cease from it) will not go to Heaven.

  Now if you repent of all your lying, and you never lie again, then you are no longer a liar. A smoker is no longer a smoker if they no longer smoke. A thief is no longer a thief if he ceases to steal. But all those who continue to lie are liars, and liars will not go to Heaven, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  I am pleading with you, repent and turn from your wicked ways, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, even knocking at the door There is no sin that you do that you can’t cease from. Why are you not ceasing from them then? Christ will help you if you have a True desire to obey Him, He will be your strength and your power against that temptation.

  The whole armour of God, not part of it, ALL of it. In every area of your life make sure your mind and thoughts are on Christ and His Word. Peter walked on water when his eyes and thoughts were focused on Christ, but when he turned away to look at something else other than Jesus, he sand immediately. With Christ all things are possible.

  Good works and good deeds and obeying the Bible does not save you. But True Christians who are Truly Saved, do good works and do good deeds and do obey the Bible. Because we are Saved, Because we love Him, Because He is our Master and Lord and Savior, Because He died for us and forgave us. Again Good Works can’t get you Saved, but if you are Saved, you will have Good Works.

  This entire book teaches, not to obey satan, to do only good. How many will disagree with this book? This book teaches nothing evil, but teaches to stay away from evil. There is nothing in this book that contradicts the Words of God. Now there is a lot in this book that contradicts what men think is the Truth. It will contradict to the interpretation of men. It will contradict men’s belief. But this book does not contradict any Scriptures, only men’s beliefs.

  I would that all people believe the Truth and turn from all their wicked ways, and turn to God and to His Word.

  But I already know many will not hearken to this book. Today’s generation is not willing to give up sinning for Jesus Christ, but would rather make excuses for their sins, so they do not have to give them up.

  I apologize that this is not very thorough, for I have so much more to say on this topic and so many more verses that I did not say in this book, for example, all that I have written in this Chapter took me two days (not even complete days) to write. This Chapter is a broad and incomplete work compared to the book I wrote called “Go and Sin No More” It took me four months, every day from the time I woke up till I went to bed, to write that book. This chapter is 1/61th the information that is contained in that book, which discusses every single verse that teaches to sin no more, for that I do apologize.

  If this book does nothing else, it is my hope, that you will search the Scriptures to make sure that what you believe to be the Truth about Salvation, is not a false teaching. Salvation should be more important to you then your life itself. I would make 100% sure proof that what you believe is indeed what Scriptures teach and not what men teach. (II Peter 1:10)

  For example if you believe “Once Saved, Always Saved” this is indeed a teaching from men, because it can’t be found in Scriptures. Search the Scriptures yourself and see for yourself how there is no Scriptures that teach that.

  I assure you any time you knowingly and willingly commit sin and obey satan, you indeed deny Jesus Christ, and Scriptures do not lie, if you do this HE will deny you. Jesus says “Why do you call Me Lord, and not do the things I say.”

  I have written this because I love you, and want you to have this knowledge or Truth given to me by God. So that you will change your life and start walking the walk, while there is still time. The day is coming when there won’t be any time left. I have lost I have lost many friends and family over this Truth. It is my hope that I have not lost you as well.



In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ