Hebrew, Greek, or English

  The belief that you must learn Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, or another, in order to fully understand the Truth of God is a false doctrine.

  i myself studied Hebrew and Greek, taking the King James Version to the Hebrew and Greek to better understand God’s Truth. i was deceived into believing the lie that i must become learned in order to grasp the Truth of God. It was the Spirit of God that revealed to me my error.

  Even though there is no Scriptural references in this entire Chapter. i will try to reveal to you what the Spirit of God has revealed unto me. This Chapter is not to those who are currently studying the Hebrew and Greek, for they will not come to the knowledge of the Truth until they reach a spiritual level that their spirit will reveal to them that all their study was irrelevant and vain. Not saying that it isn’t possible, only saying it is not likely to happen until the Spirit reveals it to them.

  This Article is not to those who have no desire whatsoever to learn Hebrew or Greek, nor put much stock into those who do.

  This Article is directed to those who Truly desire to learn the Truth, and don’t know if they should study Greek and Hebrew to further gain that Truth, that they desire to learn.

  The problem is, people will read the King James Bible and when they come across a verse that they do not agree with, is when they will take that verse to the original Greek or Hebrew, thereby effectually changing the meaning of the verse to fit what they will believe.

  When someone else says they believe that verse to mean exactly what it says, they will say “But if you take that verse to the original Hebrew and Greek, it says or means this”

  Did you notice what they did? They are basically saying “I do not agree with what that verse says. I believe what the Hebrew and Greek tells me that verse says” No matter how you sugar coat it, that is what they are saying.

  Those who try to become LEARNED by studying Hebrew and Greek, Do not believe what Scriptures say, they believe their way of interpreting the Word of God is the right way and that when the English Bible came about THEY INTERPRETED IT WRONG.

  i know that seems kind of harsh, but it is the Truth none-the-less. And with a little bit of examining it is not to hard to prove. You will here them say things like “If you take that word to the original Hebrew or Greek, a BETTER word for it would be _______”

  Which altogether changes that verse to mean something other than what it says, because they do not believe what it plainly says. Some will flat out tell you that the ENGLISH version is wrong.

  Here is a True statement and i do not lie, the Hebrew Bible was for the Hebrew speaking people, the Greek Bible was for the Greek speaking people, the Spanish Bible is for Spanish speaking people, the Russian Bible is for Russian speaking people, the French Bible is for French speaking people, and believe it or not the King James Version Bible is for English speaking people.

  Does God expect us English speaking people to learn Hebrew and Greek to know and understand His Truths? God forbid, NO! Does God expect Spanish speaking people to learn Hebrew and Greek to know the Truth? No! What about French, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese. Does God expect any of them to learn Hebrew and Greek to know His Truths? God forbid, NO! Does God want us to become Scholars to learn His Word, or does God make His Word easy to understand so that ALL can learn His Truths?  What then? Only those who have studied Hebrew and Greek know the Truths of God?

  The Catholic Church had the Vulgate Bible, it was in Latin, and only the learned could read it and teach from it. The general people could not read it, they had to hear it from those who could read Latin.

  Then the thought came, that everyone should have access, and be able to read the Word of God. And many men of God were killed trying to get the Word of God translated into English, and giving it to the people.

  Answer me this, When the Bible was being translated into English, Was God there? Knowing that the English translated Bible was going to be around for the next 400 years, wouldn’t God make sure that if His Word was going to be translated into a language that would be around for more than 400 years, until the Return of His son Jesus Christ, Wouldn’t God make sure that it was translated into English EXACTLY as he wanted it to be translated into?

  Did God know, that from the English version, many other languages would be translated into other languages all over the world? Yes, He did.

  Did God know, that thousands of people would be led to the Lord Jesus, because of the King James version Bible? Yes, He did.

  Tell me, what kind of God would allow His Word to be corrupted when it was being translated into another language for the first time? If you were to become a king of a foreign country. And they spoke a foreign language, would you as King make sure that all your laws, commandments, statutes, ordinances, and judgments, were correctly interpreted into their language? That it was accurately translated for them? You would if you Love them.

  Does God love the English speaking people? Yes He does, So when the Word, His Word, was being translated into the English language. i assure you He was there and i assure you, He made sure it was translated EXACTLY the way He wanted it translated. Even at the first when it was being translated into English, if it was not to His liking, another came to take it’s place. That is why we all don’t have the Tyndall Bible, it was not translated EXACTLY as He wanted it to be. The King James Bible was EXACTLY as God wanted it. That is why the King James has been around for over 400+ years. God has protected the King James Bible also. Satan has many times tried to extinguish the King James Bible. But failed every time, because God protected it. So since satan can’t get rid of it, he had tried a different tactic, he will just create many other versions, to cause confusion, and strife, and disorder, and to this day people who stand by the King James Version which God Himself has protected for hundreds of years, they are persecuted and put down for it. So God won’t let satan get rid of the King James Version, but there is nothing to stop him from coming up with other versions to cause eyes not to fall on the version that God has protected for hundreds of years. A brilliant tactic really, if he can’t get rid of it, just cause people not to read it. (For more information read Chapter on KJV vs Other Versions)

  At the time the Holy Word was being translated into English, God was there, and it was translated into English EXACTLY as he wanted it to be translated. That’s why i have a problem with the learned who say “Well it should say this or that and not what it says.” Does God make mistakes? Did God not love us enough to make sure we English speaking people have an accurate translation with us? Does God expect us to learn Hebrew and Greek in order to come to the Truth? Or did God translate His Word into English, so that we can merely in Faith, just believe what it says? Yes, that He did.

  Tell me, which of these two is more righteous in the eyes of God, which will be more pleasing to Him? One English speaking man did not believe what the King James Version plainly taught, he took everything to the original Hebrew and Greek, when he came across a verse that was very plain In context, but did not agree with what the verse plainly said, is when he would take each word in the verse to the Hebrew and Greek, and come up with an entirely different meaning that what the verse clearly said, on top of that, when this man ran across people who merely believed the verse and what the verse clearly said, they would confront that person and explain their knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek, and that person walks away more confused then what he was when he merely believed the verse and what it said.

  The other English speaking man, believed every word of the King James Bible, believed it was the Word of God, and this man on Faith, merely believed every word, every verse, every Chapter as being in Truth the very words of the Living God Himself. This man merely believed what the King James Bible said and taught.

  Which of these two men pleased God by their actions? The first DOUBTED the Word of God and what it plainly said, why else would he go to the Hebrew and Greek? The other, in Faith, just believed what the Word of God said, doubting nothing.

  My point is, you do not need to study Hebrew and Greek to learn the Truth of God, unless your Hebrew or Greek. If your language is English, God is my witness, all you need is the King James Bible to come to the Knowledge of the Truth. You do not need to become learned to come to the Truth of God. Pray that the Holy Ghost will open your eyes to the Word of God, and it will the Holy Ghost that reveals to you the TRUTHS of Scriptures, and not some outside source like the Hebrew and Greek, or ancient manuscripts, or missing books of the Bible.

  Truth be told, people who study Hebrew and Greek to understand the Word more, do it because it is what they desire and the Holy Ghost has not given. What i mean is this, The Holy Ghost can teach you ALL Truths and the Holy Ghost can reveal to you all the knowledge of the Truths of Scriptures. Those who seek to KNOW without the Spirit are those who try on their own to learn Hebrew and Greek, so they themselves will, by their own doing, become more knowledgeable in the Word.

  Trust me, i am guilty of this as well, as i said at the beginning, i myself studied Hebrew and Greek, so that i can be knowledgeable in the Word of God. But when the Holy Ghost got a hold of me, all those countless hours of study is the Hebrew and Greek was for NOTHING, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, can be found in the King James Version, that even children can come to the knowledge of the Truth, if they were to merely believe in Faith EXACTLY what they read, aside from parables, and revelations in general. Leave it to those who seek knowledge through self and not through the Holy Ghost, to corrupt the simple Word of God.

  i warn you brothers and sisters in the Lord, stay clear of anyone who changes entire meanings of verses by changing a word to mean another word by using the Hebrew and/or Greek translations, which altogether changes the meaning of the verse into something other then what it plainly says.

  Here is the Truth. If your language is English, then God made the King James Bible for you, It is the Word of God FOR YOU. Believe what it says, do not doubt it, remembering that it is the Word of God, and do what it says. You do this you will not go astray, and it matters not if you know Hebrew or if you know Greek.

  Is not Doubt the opposite of Faith? Of a Truth those who study Hebrew and Greek (unless they themselves are Hebrew or Greek) DOUBT what the Word of God plainly says, that is why they look it up in the Hebrew or the Greek. For example, they do not look to the Hebrew and Greek to interpret verses that they already agree with, that they already believe to be True. Verses that they do not understand, or doubt to be true, or is questionable to them, these are the verses that they take to the Hebrew and Greek.

  Believe and Do what the KJV Bible says, and i will see you in Heaven. Please don’t misunderstand me, there are a few who will study Hebrew and Greek in earnest desire to better understand the Word and how it came about, and as long as these few do not try to change or alter or make void the Scriptures that God has given unto us, they are fine. But out of a hundred people who study Hebrew and/or Greek, 99 of them will alter the Word of God that is written in their own language, to fit their own beliefs from what they think they have learned from the original Hebrew and Greek, and then they teach others their belief and the corruption is spread and the confusion as well.

  If taking a word to the original Hebrew or Greek helps you to better understand that word, AND IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORD TO MEAN SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, then fine, but everyone would be better off, to merely believe as a child what it says, and not question it.

  For example this is WRONG:

  i told a person, that Jesus is the Almighty God and he did not believe that, i then showed him Isaiah 9:6 which calls Jesus “The Almighty God”. He then told me, that mighty is translated into MIGHT in the original Hebrew and Greek, so it should say THE MIGHT OF GOD, and not the Almighty God. Do you see how he changed the meaning of the verse to fit his own belief? And changed that verse using the method of study of the Hebrew and Greek.

  Then i tried to show him other Scriptures which showed that Jesus was considered to be God, the Almighty God, (Genesis 17:1, Dueteronomy 4:24 & 35 & 39) to all of which he said, “According to the original Hebrew and Greek those were not capitalized, and in the verses they are capitalized, therefore should not be capitalized”

   So do you see, how this man does not believe what the Scriptures plainly teach, because of his being learned, because of his study of Hebrew and Greek?

  And its true that in the original Hebrew and Greek there was no punctuation. The English added things like periods, comma’s, Capital letters, verse numbers, chapters numbers, and the such, and these indeed can and are in error in the Bible. But the words are not in error. When the original Hebrew and Greek was being translated into English, they made absolutely sure, they were translating the Words of God correctly, they were the Words of God, punctuation was added later, by man.

  God made sure, the King James Version, the one that would be around for over 400 years to the time of His Son’s Return, would be accurate, correct, great for instructions, corrections, and learning His Truths. God was there to make sure it was interpreted EXACTLY as God wanted it to be interpreted. HIS NAME IS ON IT!!!!

  Be careful of those who try to change the Word of God to fit their own beliefs, and they do accomplish this, by taking words to the original Hebrew and Greek, so as to back up their own self-righteous beliefs, as if God required a person to become learned in order to understand His Truths. The study of English speaking people studying the Hebrew and Greek and caused hundreds of false doctrines to spring up for the last days generation, which only add to the confusion of those who are not weened from the milk of the Word.

  Want to know what a particular verse means that you do not understand? Ask a few 12 year olds what they think it means, you will be closer to the Truth listening to them, then you would be from those who change the verse to mean something other that what it plainly says, by taking it to the Hebrew and Greek, which altogether changes the verse from what it plainly says to what they think it means, (a Woe to them) and then they go about teaching others their doctrine. (a Double Woe to them)

  You speak Hebrew or Greek, believe the Hebrew and Greek Bible. You speak Spanish, believe the Spanish Bible. You speak French, believe the French Bible. You speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, then believe your own language Bibles. AND if you speak English, believe the Bible which God has protected for over 400 years, and will continue to protect till His Son Returns, and many of our Christian brothers and sisters have died for, the King James Bible. (not saying other English versions are bad, please read Chapter on Versions)

  Two men are on Probation, and both are handed a set of rules that they MUST follow or they will be in violation and go back to prison. One of the Rules says “You can’t drink on the weekends”. Now the first man believes what the rule says, and he does not drink anything at all on the weekends, not even water, so that he does not violate his probation. The second man however, believes the rule to be wrong, and looks up the original rule, and finds out that in the original rule, the word "drink" is referring to alcohol. Therefore the second man drinks all that he wants  on the weekends, only no alcohol. Tell me, which of the two obeyed the written Rule “You can’t drink on the weekends”? i will tell you the Truth, when they both stand before the Probation Officer, the second will be violated, because he failed to comply with the written Rule. To the Probation Officer, it doesn’t matter what his reasoning is for disobeying the Rule, whether it was a typo or a mistake, or printed wrong, or a word was omitted, or a word needed to be added. The point is, the second man DISOBEYED the written Rule, and therefore is in violation and heading back to prison.

  My point is this, Even if the King James Bible was full of errors, and was 98% interpreted wrong (God forbid). It is better for a person to believe and Do what it says anyway, because it is the Word of God, then to disagree with it, or change it, or take away from it, or add to it, which is exactly what people do when they take verses to the Hebrew or Greek to change the meaning of a verse.

  You don’t need to study the Hebrew or Greek to come to understand the Truths of God, merely pray for the Holy Ghost to give you wisdom to understand it, and the Spirit will reveal to you knowledge of His Word as does the Scriptures teach.

  But Woe to them who Change the Word of God, by reason of their study of the Hebrew and Greek, and a double Woe to those who teach others their findings, to change the Word of God to mean something other than what it plainly says. They who do such things, have now been warned.

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ