God Spoke


  Let me start by telling you a little about my Mom. When she was a teenager, she was called by God to be a Nun. That is what she desired to do and was going to do it. Then she met my dad and fell in love with him. They Married and a year and half later i was born.

  My Mom felt so bad about NOT doing what God wanted her to do, that she prayed to God that she would dedicate her son to the Lord. While i was in her womb, she would read me the Bible every day.

  By the time i was 12 years old, i had read the entire Bible front to back over 3 times. One day i sat on my bed, just after reading Revelation, and completed the Bible the third time. i closed the Bible and i started crying. i prayed to God "Why God, did you make your Word so difficult to understand, i have read it three times now, and this verse says you can, that verse says you can't, it contradicts, it's confusing. i am your child, why would you make your instructions so hard for a child to understand?" still sniffling and i said " OK Lord, i will continue to read it over and over again, please help me to understand, i pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

  It was during reading the Bible the fourth time, that God opened up the Scriptures to me, like lightning. A verse that i read numerous times before, all of a sudden made complete sense. It was a very amazing time for me, the knowledge would just pour out of Heaven into me. It was during this time also that God would speak to me in conversations. i would have lots of questions from the Bible ready to ask Him, the next time He would speak to me. And when He would speak to me, i would ask Him all those questions, and He answered them without fail. Thinking back, i recall His answer to many of my questions that i asked. i would ask Him, "Lord what does this verse mean?" He would say "What does it say?" and i would read Him the verse, and then He would reply "That is what it means"

  i quickly learned the reason the Bible was so confusing to me, was because i was not believing it for what it plainly said, but i was adding my own meanings to the verses, my own interpretations. Verses did not contradict, my thinking of what those verses meant is what contradicted, not the verses at all.

  Now the story i am going to reveal to you, is one of many times that God has spoken to me, this is but one of those stories.

  Let me start by telling you a little about me around age 17, my Mom was single raising 5 kids, and i was the oldest. Mom was a waitress, we lived off her being able to get Tips from customers. There were several times we would pick corn from someone's field in order to eat dinner. I worked a full time job, a part time job, and went to high school. Mom quit school and one day she asked me if i wanted to do the same, i refused. i loved school, it was NOT work

  i would get up in the morning drive to school. After school, i worked at a Truck Stop doing dishes, cooking, stocking, register, whatever. i would then drive home pretty tired around 11 pm or midnight. Had to get home to get some sleep before i had to get up for school.

  One night, heading home, had school tomorrow. i heard "David" it scared me so much that i literally jumped out of skin (OK not literally, but it startled me something fierce). my first thought was someone was in the back seat of my car. i turned to look who was in my car, and there was nobody there. i then realized it must be the Lord again. i said "Yes Lord?" Then He spoke again and said "Next road you see turn left." i responded "Next road left, will do."

  i slowed down, looking for any road left, then i seen a gravel road. So i turned left on it. After about 20 minutes winding all over the place on this road in the middle of nowhere, the opposite direction of home. i started thinking maybe i am just hearing things, i am tired, and this is pointless, i'm just hearing things because i am so tired. Next driveway i see i am turning around and going home.

  After thinking that thought, i drove over one of those big Iron Bridges, and i seen a girl sitting on the edge of the bridge, and she looked at me, as i drove by her. i can immediately tell she was crying. Black mascara was running down all over her face.

  i pulled over just after leaving the Iron Bridge and walked up to her. Yeah she was crying all right. She asked me to leave her alone. i sat a couple of feet away from her, on the edge of the bridge too. (Yeah that was scary, but i did it anyways). i said "If you want to talk about it, maybe i can help?" She again, asked me to leave her alone. Having no ideal why she was crying, and it was apparent she did not want to talk about it, and i was a little concerned that she might throw herself off the bridge and kill herself, i said something about God, i can't remember what it was i said, but i know i brought up God.

  That is when she got real mad at me, yelling "Don't bring up God to me, He allowed this to happen to me, God did not stop it ..  . .. . .. " i can't remember all that she yelled but it seemed to be a lot. But what i gathered from all the yelling at me, is that her boyfriend allowed his friends to RAPE her, i believe there was four of his friends or it may have been five. i just know she said she RAPED 5 times, i don't know if that was her boyfriend and four friends or if it was 5 of his friends that Raped her. After they were done with her, they dropped her off in the middle of nowhere and left her there.

  Then she finally went quiet again, and i sat there saying nothing. She again asked me "Please just leave me alone, go away" i told her "i am not going to leave until you are getting in my car and i am dropping you off somewhere, i don't want to read in the newspaper that you killed yourself, i would never forgiven myself if you did."

  She continued to cry. We sat there, for an eternity. OK it wasn't, but it sure felt like a long time just sitting there with her saying NOTHING at all. i mean if i can't talk to her about God, i don't have a clue what to say to her, so i just sat there. Then i heard God say to me "Tell her to join the military"

  So i said "i know what you should do, you should join the military." i will never forget her response to that statement. She said "That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, please leave." i then responded "Well that is what you should do."

  Again sitting there in silence, for what felt like to me another eternity. She finally said "Fine" and got up, and started walking to the car. i remember thinking "Thank You Jesus." i drove for another 15 or 20 minutes and pulled into a driveway, and i watched her go up and knock on the door and it opened and she went in. i then left. i was so LOST, it took me a half hour to find where i was at.

  i tried to find that house again, to check up on her and see if she is OK, but was not able to find that house again.

  After i graduated High School, i myself joined the Air Force. One day i get a call while i was at work and guess who it was? It was that girl on the bridge. Apparently she had been looking for me for a couple of years now, and finally found me. She only had "Make and Model of my red car, and what i looked like" to go on, to search for me.

  She started thanking me for her life. Apparently she went and joined the military the very next day. She had met and married a Christian man also in the military, and had one child and expecting another. She told me, she had been searching for me so she can Thank me for her life.  i then told her all about the Voice of God and that it was God who told me to tell her to join the military and it was NOT me, and i said "You should not thank me at all, but thank God who told me to tell you." She then told me "I thank God every single day, but God put it on my heart to find you and Thank You." i then accepted it, and we talked for some time about how awesome God is.

  i thank God that He did put it on her heart to contact me, because now i am able to testify to YOU what happened in that situation that God spoke to me. You see, for me, i don't believe God exists, i know (100% for a FACT) He exists. Woe to this generation who thinks God does not speak to people any more. What is ironic, is that God does not speak as much as He did in the past because people don't have Faith that He can speak to people today.

  Want God to speak to you? He is more than willing to. But if you can't listen to, and OBEY that small voice within you from the Spirit, then God will NOT speak to you. If that small voice says "Maybe you should give some money to that Bum" and you don't do it, but make some kind of excuse NOT to do it, then i assure you, YOU are not listening to, nor OBEYING that small voice. If you can't obey that small voice, how can you expect to hear from God Himself?


In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ