The whole purpose of this website is so that Jesus Christ is glorified and to give instruction in righteousness. Those who have a teachable spirit and who are searching for the Truth will benefit from these webpages. Those who think they know the Truth already (Many) will discard it as false, because it is contrary to what they think is the Truth. Those who are searching for the Truth, will search the Scriptures to see if what is being said is True or Not. (Few)

  As you read the pages on this website, may God, through Jesus Christ, give you wisdom to understand what is being said, so that you may attain to Everlasting Life.

  Also i want to point out, that i have not made this website for my sake, nor for profit or gain, but because i love you, and wish to see you in Heaven. i have done this so that you will profit and gain righteousness and to know the will of God. (II Timothy 3:16)

  Plus it is what the Lord instructed me to do. i pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will give you the gift of understanding so that you might be able to learn God's most perfect plan of Salvation

  i pray that you are like the Bereans and NOT like the people of this last days generation. The Bereans when they heard something, they would go to the Scriptures and research it, to see if it is True or not. This generation if they hear anything that is contrary to what they BELIEVE to be the Truth, will NOT go to the Scriptures at all, These just discard or make void what they hear, having ears but not hearing, and not because it is contrary to what Scriptures acually say, but because it is contrary to what they believe is the Truth. my prayer is that you are like the Bereans, if i say something on this website that you do not agree with, then go to the Scriptures to 1) see if what i am saying lines up with what Scriptures say and teach or  2) find Scriptures that are contrary to what i have said, proving me to be wrong. Howbeit, this generation rarely, if ever, disagree with what i have said, by using Scriptures, they disagree with what i say and teach in these webpages because it is contrary to their own belief. 

  So then, please if you do disagree with what i am saying in these pages, then show me Scriptures, and keep your opinions to yourself. If you show me Scriptures then i will correct what i am teaching. Scriptures are True, opinions are just that, opinions. mine included.

  If you do not hear the words in these webpages, Then you do not know the Truth, and do not hear Christ ( Lk 10:16, Jn 8:47, 1 Jn 4:6, Mt 18:17, Mk 6:11, Lk 11:28, Jn 10:27). i do not say this to upset or anger any one, But the words i speak are nothing more than what the Word of God speaks, and what He has told me. So if you disagree with the teachings on this website then show the Scriptures and prove me wrong. The number one problem most Christians get into when i discuss the Bible with them, is - What they believe to be true cannot be backed up by the Word of God. They believe certain things, not because the Bible says so, but because that is what they were taught by men, or what they have come up with through their own conclusions. So if you disagree with the teachings on this website, then send me Scripture that disproves what is being said. Often i hear people saying "Well I believe _________.." Yet what they believe is not written in the Word of God. i did not do this website to please anyone, but i did this website to please God. For i am saying nothing more than what the Bible teaches, and what He told me to teach. Therefore if you disagree with me, you do not disagree with me, but Him who told me these things, and that is God. 

  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, Repent and turn from your wicked and evil ways, please, i beg you Repent. i would that no one would serve Satan, and that ALL would serve God. May God Bless you through the power of His Son Jesus Christ the Righteous.

  Furthermore, i would like to say, That many people will be offended by this website, many will get angry, because of what this website has to say. But i assure you, this website does not tell you to do evil, nor to be evil, But it does tell you to do good and to be good, and not to be bad or evil, therefore because it tells you to do good and not bad, people will not like this website and will try to defend their beliefs with excuses which can not be backed up by Biblical Scriptures. And the number one excuse is, We are human, we can't help but to sin. This is a lie straight from the pits of hell. i know, and you know, that it is written "The World will Hate You" and that it does not like the Truth. Most who will be reading this are a part of that world, who chooses to believe lies, and do not want to hear the Truth. Believing doctrines that tickles their ears.

  Lastly i want to say. Whosoever loves to sin, will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Woe unto them which say with their mouth, they are Christian, yet knowingly and willingly commit sins, For they know not the Truth, no matter how much or how loud they say they do know Jesus. A good tree produces only good fruit, A good tree does not produce bad fruit. Do you claim to be a good tree, yet you produce bad fruits? You are in no way a good tree, if you produce bad fruits. This website will help you to understand why, and how to produce only good fruits. And this website will show you the Scriptures which absolutely PROVE what i have said above is True. Wander how many have already left, and did not even make it to this sentence?

  It is better to not say you are a Christian, and be found one. Then to say you are a Christian, and not be found one.

The most important thing in your life should be "Where are you going to go for all Eternity when you die, or Christ Returns?"  Isn't it in your best interest to find out what the TRUTH really is? And if the path you are on right now, is not a difficult and narrow path, then you are NOT on the right path. Getting accepted into Heaven is not EASY as false teachers of today want you to beleive and is what they teach. Scriptures teach it is not easy, that it is difficult and very narrow, and only a few will find it. FIND it. That is to say, one must SEARCH for it. You are doing well by coming to this website, for within it, shows the narrow and difficult path, which only a very few will believe and follow.

  i pray the Holy Spirit of God will open up your understanding. if you read something on this website you do not agree with, PRAY about it, search the Scriptures concerning it. Don't merely believe what you think is the Truth, prove it with Scriptures and not by the words of people.

  Please, excuse all the gramatical errors on this website. i am going to make an attempt to clean all of them up, when the Lord permits me the time to do so.  Again, may the Lord Jesus Christ open up your understanding of this website through HIM, and not through your OWN understanding of what you THINK the Truth is.

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ