Dispute / Argue

The belief that we are not to dispute or argue religion is a false doctrine, which we will discuss in this Article.

  First lets look at the verse where this false belief is born:
  • Philippians 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings:
  So then by that verse a belief was born that we are not to dispute about anything at all, but in believing this do we ignore Scriptures where it seems disputing is OK? Did not Jesus dispute with the Pharisees and Sadducees continually? Did not John the Baptist dispute with the King? Did not the first Martyr dispute with them before they stoned him to death (Acts 6:9) Consider this:
  • Acts 17:17 Therefore disputed he in the synagogue with the Jews, and with the devout persons, and in the market daily with them that met with him.
  The Apostle Paul disputed with them daily. Is the Apostle Paul a hypocrite? He says in Phil 2:14 “Do all things without disputing” yet he himself says he disputed with them daily, so which is it? Do we agree with Phil 2:14 and believe we should not dispute anything at all, and ignore all the verses that make it seem OK to dispute? Or do we believe we can dispute about anything we want because there are verses that seem to say we can dispute and it’s OK, all the while ignore the verse that says we should not dispute. Both of these beliefs are wrong, because:


  So then the two beliefs above, both of which ignore or make void verses, can’t be the Truth. So what is the Truth, how can all Scriptures agree with each other, where we do not ignore one verse? The answer is found by something the Apostle Paul said:
  • Acts 19:8 And he went into the synagogue, and spake boldly for the space of three months, disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God. 9 But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus. 10 And this continued by the space of two years; so that all they which dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks.
  Notice what he disputed about in verse 8 “THE THINGS CONCERNING THE KINGDOM OF GOD”  Jesus disputed with the Pharisees and the Sadducees the things concerning the Kingdom of God, John the Baptist disputed with the King the things concerning the Kingdom of God. Stephen the first Martyr disputed with those that stoned him the things concerning the Kingdom of God. Jesus, likewise disputed things concerning the Kingdom of God. ALL of these disputed the things concerning the Kingdom of God. So then to combine all the verses Phil 2:14 Do not dispute and Acts 6:9, 17:17, and 19:8 which clearly shows disputing the things concerning the Kingdom of God is OK. The Truth then is this. We are not to dispute UNLESS it concerns the things of the Kingdom of God. Which makes since if you think about it. We should not dispute over things that will not effect one’s Salvation or their walk in the Lord. But we should dispute things that will effect one’s Salvation or their walk with Christ. For example someone who misinterprets Scriptures and believes it is OK to practice homosexual activities, we as Christians should dispute this, so that they may come to the knowledge of the Truth. However if anyone ever gets angry during a dispute, the disputing should stop. Disputing the things concerning the Kingdom of God is only Godly when everyone involved is talking rationally and without anger and they use Scriptures to back up their beliefs.

  Satan knows the power that we Christians would have, if we all had one mind, one body, and were not divided. So he has convinced people that disputing over Scriptures is evil, but it is OK to dispute who you think is going to win the superbowl.

  For example when the Disciples set up the True Church, there was one mind (for the most part), One body, One Church. Then one day came, where there was a disagreement concerning the Word of God. Instead of disputing the matter and coming to a conclusion on the matter so they can continue in one mind, one body, one Church. Satan comes in and convinces them to “Lets just agree to disagree” Now there is a division in the Church. Then in due time there are more divisions, and then those divisions are divided into yet smaller divisions, until the present day where we have over 120 different denominations in the Christian religion, so much for one mind, one body, and one Church.

  There is always going to be disagreements, the key to having one mind, one body, one Church is disputing and expressing our disagreements, so we can go to the Word, and use the Word as our sole Truth to determine each disagreement. For example, I have seen this many times, in a Bible study a disagreement comes up, one believes one thing and another believes something else and yet another believes something different than both of them. Now what should be done is this, each one gives Scriptural references as to why they believe the way they do, each talks without getting upset or angry and presents their reasons as to why they believe the way they do. Now they are disputing in such a way that is considered Godly, they are disputing their disagreements, as to come together in one mind, they dispute until they come together in one agreement, therefore still being one mind, one body, and one Church in the end.

  Now what does happen in this wicked last days generation. There are disagreements about something being studied, instead of discussing it, some say “We should not argue about the Bible, lets move on to something else” and others get upset or angry because someone disagrees with them. Some have been taught all their lives one way to believe and they are NOT changing, they are right, then there are some who keeps trying to get everyone to come to an agreement on that topic, and this appears to others that this person likes to argue, then there are yet others who don’t want nothing to do with the Bible Study because of the arguing and people getting upset or angry. And still others who think we should not dispute at all because all the unsaved outside of the Bible Study might not come to the Lord because they see us arguing and fighting and getting upset and angry. Then this Bible Study will go from 15 members to 4 people in a matter of a couple of weeks, all because people do not understand how to properly dispute those things concerning the Kingdom of God.

  Far to often, false doctrines arise from the minds of men and not from Scriptures. Many people disagree with the Truth based solely on their beliefs. For example, i  previously stated that three different people believed 3 different things and that in discussing this matter (so they can come to one conclusion) they should each show Scriptural references for why they believe the way they do. However, most of the time the doctrines they hold on to, doesn’t have any Scriptural references, but is what they believe, or they will believe one or two verses that seem to back up their belief all the while ignoring or making void other verses which is contradictory to that belief. Again the key to knowing and understanding the Truth is this:


  If you do not believe that, then this website is not for you, please pass this website address to someone who is serious about knowing the Truth, so they can go to Heaven.

  I did not say that to upset anyone, but I know this generation in which I live in, that takes thought, they are not wrong, their Pride is unbending, have an unteachable spirit and humbleness is a thing for the weak. I can’t stress enough, what the Word of God says is TRUE, what I say, what men say are subject to lies, falseness, misinterpretations, wicked motives, and the ways of satan. But the Word is TRUTH, what it says is TRUTH, and there is no arguing against it, if what you believe contradicts even one verse, then you have to be willing to forsake your belief, realize that it is wrong and that you have believed a lie. IF then you are not willing to do this, because of Pride, Haughtiness, or think you know something, you really need to pass this website address to someone else.

  This website teaches that every verse is an inspired by God verse, given to us Christians even today, yes EVEN TODAY, some people take thought that because such and such a verse was said to those people at that time, that it no longer applies to us. They will say "Well, you need to know who they were talking to, when they said that" as if implying it no longer applies to us. They know not the Truth.
  • II Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
  Leave it to man to make void, inspired by God verses , to not apply today for one excuse or another, as to not have to believe that particular inspired by God verse. ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God, not part of them, BUT ALL OF THEM.

  The reason i bring this up, is because it is important in disputing the things concerning the Kingdom of God. Many people will disagree and there will be disputes, but there is only one Truth, and that is what Scriptures says. Therefore if those three people we were discussing previously dispute their beliefs and one of them shows them Scriptures (even if it is one verse) that shows or proves that the other persons belief can’t be correct, that person, in a humble, teachable Spirit should forsake his belief and believe what the Scriptures teach. Howbeit in this generation who is willing to say “I am wrong”. In forsaking his belief which is contrary to Scriptures, he has come to the knowledge of the TRUTH, and ultimately it is to bring all people involved, back into One Mine, One Body, One Church that there be no divisions among us. One Mind = (Rom 15:6) (II Cor 13:11) (Phil 1:27) (Phil 2:2) (I Pet 3:8) No Divisions = (Rom 16:17) (I Cor 1:10) (I Cor 3:3) (I Cor 11:18)

  So then when there are disagreements, which there will be, it is highly important to do whatever it takes as to not have any disagreements, using the Word as the sole Truth, studying it, searching it out, and seeking the Truth in prayer.

  If you are in a Bible Study or a discussion with another, and a disagreement arises. It is good to discuss it then and there, but it is better to have each write down why they believe the way they do, using as much Scriptures as possible. Set a time to reconvene and discuss the topic being better prepared then you would have been talking about it immediately, not to mention the extra time you have to acquire your data, you can be in prayer and take it to the Lord, and He may reveal things to you that will assist you in bringing the other to the TRUTH (i.e. He may reveal to you verses that are relevant to what you believe)

  Also I would like to say, and i have the Spirit of God, that if the Word is silent on matters that are disagreed upon, it is OK to remain in disagreement, do not dispute, or divide on matters that Scriptures are silent on.

  And be leery of any person who says “Let us agree to disagree” on matters that are clearly Scriptural or for one’s Salvation. For the Bible does not teach that, but indeed teaches contrary to that thought, that we should have one mind, and think the same things. If then, Scriptures doe not teach “Lets agree to disagree” then from where does it come from?

  There is one Truth, let us come together in agreement.

  There are two Bible Studies going on in the same town, each have 10 members. Which Bible Study is God more pleased with? The Bible Study on the East side of town, had a disagreement on a certain Scripture, and they argued and disputed it, people were getting angry and upset, hurtful things were being said to each other, this Bible Study breaks up and everyone went home, each week the Bible Study had less and less members until the Bible Study cease to exist altogether.

  The Bible Study on the West side of town, had a disagreement on a certain Scripture, and they argued and disputed it, when members start getting a little bit upset, the facilitator of the Bible Study said, let us talk about this particular Scripture next week in Bible Study, Everyone should pray and search the Scriptures concerning that Scripture in question, Everyone should bring Scriptural references to back up why they believe the way they believe. The next week all 10 show up again, and everyone has prepared to answer for why they believe the way that they do. There was some disputing, and some would disagree with someone’s interpretation of a particular Scripture. But because people in this Bible Study had a teachable, humble Spirit, they eventually reached a unanimous decision on the Scriptures that was in question, they agreed to agree, to remain in one mind, to think the same things. They did not divide over the Scripture in question. And each week new members were added to the Bible Study. Which of these two Bible Studies is God pleased with?

  Sad to say, this generation is like the East side Bible Study, Most are unwilling  to change what they believe, they KNOW what they believe is the Truth, and most are even unwilling to hear others opinion on the matter, most will even refuse to hear verses that clearly contradict their belief, most will rather hold on to their belief, then to change their belief to fit with what Scriptures teach. Woe to this generation, for it is the last days generation, which do not have a teachable spirit, nor are they humble, but believe what they know is the Truth, and there is no convincing them otherwise, they are righteous in their own eyes, they believe things which contradict the Word of God, all the while thinking they are something. Hearken not unto them, nor believe their words. If a person teaches any thing that is contrary to written Scriptures, believe them not, they are blind, and will remain blind, because they are unwilling to change their belief to fit with what Scriptures plainly teach, unless they repent and believe the Bible and what it says, and forsake all that they think they know, and merely believe with all their hearts the Word of God.

  Which is better in the eyes of God. A man who believes a certain something, is shown a Scripture that contradicts that something, and he does not change his belief of that something but instead tries to change the Scripture that is shown to him, by ignoring it, or making it void, or interpreting it to mean something other then what is plainly says, or taking it to the Hebrew and Greek to change the meaning of the verse, or whatever else he can do, to NOT believe what the shown Scripture says. Or a man who believes a certain something, is shown a Scripture that contradicts that something, and he because of that Scripture discards his belief of that something because it contradicts the Scriptures and comes to the knowledge of a new Belief that does not contradict what the Scriptures teach?

  I will tell you the Truth, what God has told me:


 Do you believe a certain something, maybe one of the many false doctrines that are written in this website? And there is a verse or verses that contradict what you believe? If so, I assure you, that you are WRONG, and the Word of God is TRUTH. All Scriptures is TRUTH, if you believe something that is contrary to Scriptures, then you do not believe the TRUTH. You either believe EVERY verse of the Bible, or NONE of it. There is no in-between. You can’t believe one verse and not another, those who do that, do not know the Truth, no matter how loudly the proclaim that they do.

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ