Can satan create a life? satan does not create life, but is a destroyer of life. Only God can create a life, for it is God who is the creator of life.

  So then if life is started in a woman (conception), it is not satan who creates life, nor is it satan who desires that more life is on the earth, satan desires death, and desires to bring death, not life. satan would never nor ever will create a life, only God creates life when and where He so deems it. A woman can go barren for many years until which time God deems her to have children. Anyone who has the opportunity to give life, has a blessing from God, for it is He that creates life not satan. If then God is the creator of life and the author of life, why do we make excuses to destroy what God is trying to create? What then? does satan create life? or does God allow satan to create life? NO. satan destroys, not creates life.

  Humans then go about to excuse themselves for destroying what God is trying to create, by saying " It's not alive " or " a woman should be able to say what to do with her own body " saying whatever they will to somehow justify their actions. And you know something no matter how you look it, no matter how you try to excuse it away, or cover it up. Any time someone gets an abortion, it is for SELFISH reasons. It is written:

  • Jn 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

  How much more then laying down your life so that another may live (unborn baby). But it is SELFISH reasoning that one chooses to abort their child, which God has played a part in by allowing that woman to become pregnant, Blessing her with LIFE inside of her.

There are those who say that it is OK to have an abortion if one is raped. Is it not written:

  • Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose

  So then no matter what bad thing happens to a True Christian, they know full well it is for the Good, and will turn out to be a blessing to them. When Joseph was sold to the Egyptians by his own brothers, he still loved them and helped them in their times of need, this is the spirit of God, even when we are wronged by others, we forgive them. Why then punish an unborn life (by ceasing his/her life) because of another's wickedness? Can you foresee the future? How do you know the child will not be a blessing to you above measure? You do not know the future, you do not know what his or her life will mean to others or how he or she will effect others in the future. God has a will, a plan for that unborn child, For God does not create anything in vain, for no reason. If then life is started in you, it is a blessing from God, for only God can create life, therefore if life is created in you, it is from God.

  There are many examples in the Bible and in life itself, that teaches us if we make it through trials and tribulations, that blessings will follow, And in a situation as rape, surely that is tribulation, HOW DO YOU KNOW THE BLESSING THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ISN'T THE CHILD? Will the child LOVE you and call you Mom? Will you not LOVE that child as a Mother? Will that child not grow up thinkin the world of YOU? Will you not LOVE that child and that child LOVE you? a Blessing from God!!!

i have yet to hear one reason that justifies destroying a life that God is trying to create?

 Why would satan create life, when he destroys life, why would satan do something contrary his own nature? Even Jesus said that if satan cast out satan, he is divided and his kingdom will not stand. Therefore satan does not create life, but destroys it. Even the child that will become the anti-christ, is created by God and not satan, for it is Gods will that he be born and that prophesies be fulfilled concerning him. satan does not create life, only God does. Therefore i assure you with no doubts whatsoever that if a woman conceives a child, it is by the hand of God that she does so, for only God gives the breath of life.

  If then a raped victim has a child that is still born, or does not breath on its own, it is the will of God that child does not live, but if a person has an abortion it is the will of the person who desires to have the abortion, which no matter what the excuse is, is selfishness.

  Now to those who have already had an abortion before reading this. Repent, ask God to forgive you and He will forgive you, you are clean (if you have truly repented)

  Now to those who are thinking about getting an abortion even after this, i warn you, many who already have committed abortion did so not knowing the Truth that is written in this message, they did it in ignorance. but you who are thinking of committing abortion even after reading the Truth of this message, what will be your excuse to God, when you had the Truth and committed abortion anyway? That is what you will have to come to terms with between you and the One who is trying to create life in you. The fetus inside you may one day do GREAT things for the LORD.

God creates life, abortion destroys what God is trying to create.

  Now to all of those who feel that they need to jump on the wagon here and correct me of my thinking on this matter, save your breath, and your typing, instead prove to me that satan can also create life, because until someone can prove to me that satan (a mere angel) can create life, i will continue to believe and continue to teach the Truth, that only God can create life, no matter the circumstances. But if you feel you have to respond, feel free to do so, but be prepared to answer the question " Can satan create life, and if so, where is your proof or scriptures that teach that ? "

  And to those who will try to convince me when a child is actually alive, save your breath as well. For i know it was always a curse in the past when a person could not get pregnant. And i KNOW it was a Blessing from God when a woman got pregnant and was able to bare children. But just because this generation when they get pregnant do NOT see it as a Blessing from God, does not change the FACT that it is indeed a Blessing from God That God has allowed LIFE to start in YOU. The Husband and Wife that would love to adopt that baby, most assuredly believes God has Blessed you with the ability to bring LIFE into the world.

  i will end this with a 2 questions. 

1) Can you give me 1 example of an abortion that is NOT SELFISH?

2) Is Selfishness of God or satan?

In His Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ